It's no news that one world class magazine would be launched today.

I am too excited to hear that the whole of the world would now have to see what Flustro Magazine is made of. 

It's the October/November issue, so I think being too late is not a good tag for it yet. 

Here are a few things I took note of while going through the already finished version of the magazine; why I can't wait to get 4 more copies of this magazine for my friend before the end of today, and what I would want taken care of on the next issue. 

1. It is rich in content and compound enough! Every page is levelled up with pounds off lifestyle, fashion, finance, relationship, health, fitness and  lots more. 

Instead of dying of an attack in an attempt to make sure my friend dresses well every time he hits the door, I think a copy of this edition of Flustro Magazine is all I need. 


This is not what you read and get your eyes damaged on. The formatting is cool and attractive. I fell head over heels for the use of background colours, and the size of the texts. 


Talk of a pot meant to hold some sort of boring herbs, this is a different thing entirely. It's fun to read. No overflogging of points and no excessive touches that might make the whole Mag look like an unedited prologue. 

The only thing I frowned at were some highlights. 

A topic or two was highlighted with a bit of a bright colour, and I thought that was spotted on a quote too in the Finance Section. I would suggest that should be taken care of on the next issue, and maybe a bit of fairytale also would suit my belle well. 

I rate this 8.3/10 

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Review by Godwin Okhuoya (Lead strategist Ballspedia INC.)