Five things to put in mind when starting a new month. 

Just as you start everything else attached to life. The feeling that everything needs to be new, a clean slate, a fresh start never seems to exclude the urge that bugs humans once it’s a new month. So here's a list of few things you ought to put in mind as you start a new month. 

1. Clear your hunks


You should start lighter. Every new month should begin with you getting rid of stuffs you feel are not quite necessary. Not an easy task? A good example describes why your screenshot folder still exists when your phone suffers a low memory syndrome. 

Just clear off everything you have stored up and you find not useful or relevant any more.

2. Write down your goals. 


Who starts a new month goalless? A lot of people do! Imagine playing a football match with no goal line, the referee has a terrible hangover. My Goodness, what a terrible and frustrating match that'd turn out to be for both the players and fans! That’s the situation you put yourself in when you assume you know what you want to do all month. Assuming that you know all you want to achieve all month and refusing to write a plan somewhere you can see them to remind yourself on how you have determined to achieve those goals no matter how hard it seems. So grab a pen and paper and start planning. 

3. Force your bank into your wallet. 


This is what you do when you create a budget. You seem to control what you have planned to spend and you only go over this on extremely important cases when issues hit you unexpectedly and you have to tap into your savings. 

This will prevent you from being broke unexpectedly. Have a logical and realistic budget -- stock up your fridge with potable water and groceries before you reach out for soda and cook outs. 

4. Your Health. 


 Health as you know is "a state or PHYSICAL, MENTAL and SOCIAL well being", your health matters a lot. You could have the perfect monthly plan, the perfect budget but if you don't have a perfect health, you can't hope to achieve these. Life is a journey, you can't expect to start and finish a journey with a broken car-- even if it's a Ferrari. Make daily fitness goals, eat healthy within your budget and don't forget that your only true asset, invest in it!

5. Family planning. 


No birth control gigs here. I just mean you are a busy person who has a lot going on and have no time to reach out to family members or friends who mean a lot subconsciously. Why not make a list of family members and friends you would want to contact or visit this month in your dairy/planner. Put that close to where you wrote your goals, have a copy written on sticky notes stuck to your wall or private board. You can always call or send a text. 

Happy New Month

©Godwin Okhuoya