Hey! Do you know the earth is not a sphere...

That's a bad way to start! OK... Let me do some introduction. 

Let's do a little digging about the most populous planet in universe.  We are not starting with that fact,  because that fact is no fact. We all know the earth is the only planet in the solar system that supports life.  

Let's get down to the main facts quickly. I can guarantee you to be left amused when you settle down the last point.  Are you ready?  

Put your seat belt on. 

FACT1. You would doubt me if I say the earth is not spherical in shape. What if i tell you that its neither a circle.  Yes!  I know about those theorem. Growing up I was ones made to believe,  it was a circle.  I did believe that solely and I could brag about it any where.  Soon I knew it was a sphere. Apart from the fact that I was told.  My geography textbook made me believe the earth was a perfect sphere.  But right here is the perfect truth.  Just the way you don't believe the earth is  a circle because it's has no perfect circular shape it's the same way you shouldn't believe the earth is sphere.  Truth been told,  The Earth is an oblate Spheroid.  It's just not any sphere,  it's a sheer that is squashed at its poles and swollen at the equator.  

Now you know!

FACT2: The Earth is said to be 4.54 Billion years old,  judging from the age of meteorites and rocks found on the surface of the earth.  That is as simple as this illustration.  

If you meet an ageless tree and you are able to tell the age of one of it's leaf then you can tell the minimum age of the tree.  Same applies to the earth,  so shovel up that assumption or question (Who was alive to tell how old the earth was?)  I guess Fact 2 just cleared itself.  

FACT3: This is less of a fact,  it's an assumption with relative proves. But here we go!  I can't explain why it's on this list. Let's go on.  

It's possible for the earth to have had two moon which had catastrophically slammed into one another. This explains why the two sides of the surviving lunar satellites (Moon)  are so different from each other.  

FACT4: The hottest spot on earth, according to record is El Azizia, Libya, with temperature of 136 °F (57.8°C).

FACT5: The coldest spot on earth according to record is Antarctica with temperature of -100°F (-73°C) 

But the lowest ever recorded temperature on earth which was taken from a Russian Vostok station on July 21, 1983 was -128.6°F (-89.2°C).

I know you must learn of at least one of this facts before, but I doubt the fact that you had ever been across all this facts, not even like this.

©Godwin Okhuoya