Five amazing packs to get ride of pimple overnight

Let's go quickly over some cause of pimples.

Some causes of pimple include stress, improper skin care, high intake of dairy products.

There are 5time tested remedies for those ugly pimp.

1. Egg white.

 Isolate the yolk from the egg white, and apply the egg white on the pimples wit your finger, let it dry overnight and wash off with luke warm water the next morning. You will thank me later.

2. Aloe vera gel: 

Cut off a fresh aloe vea leaf and squeeze out the gel, apply on d pimp using your finger. Leave overnight and wash the next morning for a better result. -no lie

3 . Garlic:

 Crush two to three garlic clover and soak in water for 15- 20mins. Apply on the pimp let it stay for 20mins, wash off wit water . Trust me. This works

4. Baking soda: 

Wash your face with water and apply a paste ( baking soda mixed with a little water) of the baking soda on the pimp, leave on the face till it dries, wash off with water.

4.apply a dollop of white toothpaste on the pimple overnight, wash off with water the next morning and see the ugly pimple vanish for good.

©Akomolafe Rebecca