Five activities you do that damage the eyes


        The eyes are very important body organs. When a man loses his eyes, the body becomes impaired. Prevention is better than cure; this also applies to the eyes. 

        Check out these five activities that damage the eyes:

1. The use of eye drops: The use of eye drops in itself,  is not bad, but the excessive use. The use of it needs to be minimized. You might think you are keeping your eyes in good condition,  but the eye drops that reduce the redness in the eyes, constrict blood vessels temporarily. When the effect wears off, the blood vessels dilate again. Don't make the use of eye drops a habit. Use necessarily, especially under the prescription of the doctor and the usage instructions of the eye drops. 

2. Looking at a polished screen often: This is another factor that damages the eyes. Why? When you look at a screen, your blinking rate slows down, causing the surface of the eye to dry. This leads to the reddening and burning of the eyes. Consciously blinking your eyes frequently when,  or reducing the amount of time spent staring at the screen could help with this. Hmmm... No wonder the amount of people with dry eyes are increasing everyday.


3. Cigarettes: Hmmm.... Is this possible? Yes, it is! The chemicals inhaled from the cigarette are toxic and can make one significantly more prone to developing cataracts than non-smokers. Vision loss is sometimes caused by smoking. The smoke coming out from the cigarette is unhealthy for the body, not to mention the eyes. A minute enjoyment can cause everlasting regret.

4. Contacts disorder: Take this question. Do you wear contact lenses?  If yes, you shouldn't wear contact lenses in the shower, hot tubs, swimming pools or in the sea. Don't dream of going to bed with the lens on your eyes. This is necessary to provide the cornea with enough oxygen while you sleep, as contact lenses reduce oxygen supply to the cornea. Suction cups allow you remove your contact lenses easily

5. Neglecting your eyes: This may be one of the things that damage eyesight. If you notice a change in your vision, or feel your eyes are infected, see a doctor, a professional, for possible cure. Take better care of your eyes. Ok!!!

      We also know that sitting too close to the television is another problem. Our eyes are important, but our maintenance of them tends to be poor. Take note of this. 

© Adedeji Michael