Turning a boat trough the storm cannot be more dangerous, with the tides rising in an ungrateful manner to get you resting in the bowels of the sea, but face it. 

You choose to go the sea way! You could have expected something of such. Face it. 

I have a problem with whiners. They complain about everything, talk about why one phase is not working. They forget too quickly that if something just stopped working, it worked for a while at least. They need to be reminded that nothing lasts forever, nothing remains sweet forever. Tell them to face it. 

A decision is a decision. You pull a line and decide to go that way. You should have expected the negative and not start whining at the slightest show of trouble. 

You chose the way, so face it. 

This is just life at its peak. Trouble comes unexpectedly in sizes we would never imagine. Some thin and at the least at unexpected times, and some are served thick. 

But a decision is a decision. Face it and win. 

If you had gone with another decision, you would be faced with another kind of trouble in no time. Since it's still trouble, then you would still end up facing it. 

It's just a thing of nature. Nothing is forever smooth, except we slide in deceit or have grown so much to overpower trouble that we call it 'no trouble,' but at the end of the day, trouble is trouble, solved or unsolved, small or big. The only escape route is a mind game, and the game is believing in victory no matter what. 

So get back to work, look at your troubles with that straight face, thinking like a victor with solutions, and a clear war plan swimming across your head. 

Get on track, get at alert, face it.

Godwin Okhuoya