When starting a business you have to put a lot in mind. Among the lot is a few. Let me trend you this path so you would understand what I mean. 

You have a lot to fix, starting a business. You need stocks, you need facilities. you need equipments, you need clients and among all you need workers. Stop there! We just hit the land mark.

Workers in what sense? Do I mean someone who works for you and gets paid?

Not really. At times you might be starting a large scale business and that is necessary. But for now, let us dwell on the small scale business. 

You need just two types of workers. 

1. Those that will work for you. 

2. Those that will work with you. 

(Did you observe the subjects and the objects.)

 Back in 2013 when I started my own social campaign of a thing, and the building of my first brand which depicts fun and online presence. One mistake I made was sorting out for people who would work with me. 

And it drove me into a lot. With so much baked and sweet word I got a lot of people who wanted to work with me. A tone of people who wanted to be my partner but it all went the harsh way. Then I noticed I needed people who would work for me.

Why you don't need people who will work with you?

Partnership is a very strong thing and once you settle your mind with someone who would work with you. You tend to expect the same contribution from the person as per time spent, money spent and energy spent. But that would never happen. 

You tend to work more than those who have decided to work with you. You tend to invest more than those who have decided to work with you and you tend to waste time with the career, business and job more than those who have decided to work with you.

But here is the mindset. Once you get it right in you head and in your mind. You won't feel frustrated that the whole world have promised to work with you and they are barely doing nothing. They all mean what they said by pledging to work with you. But all they mean is helping out with your career when chanced or motivated without collecting a dime. While you have to work either motivated or not, chanced or not chanced without pocketing a dime. 

What to do, and what not to do?

Talk to people like you want them to work with you and take them in like they are working for you. Give them breaks. Scold less when they flop. Always create a backup for every assigned task. 

Act like you all own the business. But you need to think like you sole own the business. 

Good luck! 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya