Let's go hi-five and drop the whole veil on the limbo.

Can we take this with ease so you get the whole essence of this vibrant rant?

This is not a letter to holy folks. I have nothing against my fellow preachers. They do the graft and plant the word of truth. Some tell less of the truth. 

We are alike. I do rock the world with my flute. 

Let me spare you the tales. nyo fairy would save you from this. It's a ditch, trap! Whatever. Just make sure you don't forget this in a hurry. 

I've been friends with folks; people who know what is right. 

They know the right hand that picked up the whole messed up work should be chopped into a washing machine before going for the lips. 

Some stubborn folks know it all but they ignore the rules.  

I am not against anyone saying what is right even when you are not practicing it. 

Don't get me wrong, here is my stand and balance. 

The world hates it and they think it's deceit to do a thing and make people do the opposite. 

But the truth is this: If what you are making other people do is right, then no offence, we have the chance to be human. 

Will this story help?

A man dying of fever was busy in the sun giving drugs to others suffering the same fever. 

Now check it out!

Is he doing bad to the world? 

No, not exactly. 

He is only doing bad to himself. He might hate the taste of the drug! He might be against drugs! That's no one's business. 

The fact that he is doing good to the rest of the world is the world's business, and by that yardstick only, can he be judged. 

But things can be balanced with this. 

A lot know what is right, tell people what is right, but have difficulty doing what is right. 

It's fine! You teach what is right. Now wouldn't be too late to also practice what is right. 

You have cooked what you used to eat. 

Now that you know this meal is good for your health, and you have cooked it to serve the rest of the world, knowing you have not tasted it before, it's not too late to eat the meal. 

You cooked it. 

Eat it and be healed.