Eagle eye

Sometimes ago I reminisce and I thought about Africa. I realised we have lot of unanswered whys! which are crucial to making turnover to the whole kakistocracy most of the Africa countries are in today.

What is the way forward for us ? That's the question we have asked decades ago, yet in the presence we have got no reply to. while our adrenaline pumping gusto is untapped and our undying ego to make a better living has being robbed by crooked dubious selfishness and greediness. our friends for ages that debar things like: Creativity,Innovative,productivity and political Transparency Are still morphing

Hey! In the twinkle of an eye you can be the hero the land agog for. Don't you think you can ? Apparently u can. Both the weak and the strong, look to heaven for a saviour to change the dimension in a considerable parameter. To have an open eyes is to conceive the unimaginable to defile the norm!

©Emmanuel Oluwaseyi