Crazy things people do in a banking hall

Here is a list of crazy things that happen in a Nigerian banking hall. 

Things you would never think of as crazy because you have been so used to doing them too much, that you have eluded the craziness attached to them. 

1. Drink water: Has the day ever been too hot that you feel your blood is boiling? Have you ever walked for so long in the hot sun, and just looked up to see a banking hall? What comes next to your mind? Do you just walk past and waste 10 naira on a sachet of pure water, or 50 naira on bottled water?

Some Nigerians literally see nothing wrong in using the banking hall at this moment. 

They just walk in and locate the water dispenser; sometimes, asking a security man for directions and not stopping until they are full. Some even get mad and rant at any of the bank officers nearby, when they unluckily, meet no water in the dispenser. (Water wey you no fetch).

2. To use the AC: After a busy day, people leave their work, walk or ride past a banking hall and go home. This is a 'NO' for some Nigerians. They would rather walk the long distance to get into a bank and relax or sleep up pretending to see the customer service. 

Some others just go to the ATM and queue, withdraw a thousand naira, walk into the banking hall and redeposit, all for that cold blast of air. 

3. To charge phones: I do this! Does that mean I am crazy? Don't judge me. 

This is not why the banking hall was built, right? But anytime there is a shortage in power supply, we hit the banks with long extension boxes, and chargers, only to face the trouble of entangling charger cords. Some even bring laptops to charge while others come to test TV. (Winks) 

4. To steal: This is not about money! That is no longer in the realm of being crazy. Some famz just walk into a bank to steal! Steal what? 

Ask a security man to give you an account of the number of pens that have gone missing daily in a Nigerian banking hall and you will understand what I am talking about. 

5. To use the toilet: Many don't do this on purpose. However, some people intentionally get along with the pressure, finding every possible means to make it into the banking hall to use the restroom. Some save bike fee specifically for this purpose, so that they can get to a nearby banking hall and do the thing, anytime they feel pressed during the day. Some others have no choice, since their shops lack toilet facilities and are close to the bank. 

It's weird and crazy without justification. 

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya