Easy come easy go, easy stay and we all sow.  In 1873 tithing was first suggested in USA. It was extremely revealing and it proved that tithing was neither taught nor practised in the United states until the very early year of 1873, when it was first suggested. United state understood the power of tithing at an early stage and that has really paved many ways for them. The word TITHE was first established in Genesis 14:20, where Abram gave tenth of what he had to God. There is power in anything you give to God, he that gives never lack.

     Tithing is what we believers/Christians need to take cognisance of in our lives. Robbery goes beyond those acts performed in oshodi. To be frank, some believers are robbers. It pains me a lot when I see  christians lacking the deep understanding of tithing. Many so called Christians today complain a lot about financial crisis, but a closer look at their lives tells you something is missing which is tithing.

    Give the little you have to God and he will bless you abundantly. Malachi3:8-9 is probably the most represented scripture explaining tithing  in the bible. Anyone that does not pay tithe is robbing God and will be cursed (church robbers beware). Lack of financial breakthrough is not only applicable to a non-tither but rain of curse will descend from heaven to the figure (person). Tithing is a sacred gift to health and wealth. 

Here are few reasons why people fail to tithe.

 IT'S ALL MINE ANYWAY, WHY SHOULD I GIVE IT? Many christians have forgotten that everything we own is actually God's (ps50:10,ps24:1).

 I GIVE ELSEWHERE- This is the person who counts his giving to secular causes, his time or paying for his child's tuition as his tithe. Do causes around the purposes of God gets the lion's share of your giving?

 TITHING IS NOT IN THE NEW TESTAMENT- This is one of the most common reason. When Jesus fulfilled the law, he didn't revise spirituality. 

GOD WILL PROVIDE THROUGH OTHER PURPOSE- This person believe that other people will give to support the cause of Christ in their church. What you don't know is that God choose to release His resources through  believers. 

MY GIFT DON'T REALLY COUNT- This person thinks that because he can't give much, his giving really don't matter. Don't minimize the size of any gift (recall the story of the poor widow in mark12:41-44).

 I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER MY FINANCES, MY HUSBAND DOES- In this case her husband controls the finances and although the wife wants to give, he prohibits it. Rest in the Lord wife,he knows your heart.

 I WILL TITHE WHEN I CAN AFFORD IT- If you wait, you probably never will. Research shows that contrary to what we might assume, the more money a person makes, the less percentage they give.

 I'M AFRAID TO- These people honestly fear what might happen to them or their family if they give. Step out in faith knowing that God promises to meet your needs. Bishop David Oyedepo says " Everybody believes that God has an open heaven order of blessing for his people". But you see it takes your tithing to qualify for it. So, if you only know the promise but you don't know the condition, you will die frustrated. Notable men like E.A Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo and Basil Aponinuola are gallant givers, who never joke with tithe. sorry for using that word gallant but I have to use it. Tithe is a debt to be paid by everyone. I urge you to start paying your tithe and see the turn around in your life. If you want to be successful in all areas start tithing and you will see God in action. Tithing is an open door to wealth.. 

© Adedeji Michael