Broken heart!

When someone you love or care about is hurting or facing a difficult time, you just want to help them get over it. Don't you? You may wish deep down in your hearts that you could just fix all their problems. Make it go away. Turn back the clock's hand. Of course, no one can do that, but there is something you can do.


Interceding on behalf of the person who is grieving is an important form of prayer. It is like sowing a seed. It's like strike two birds with one stone. That kind of payer makes you obedience to God's command to love a neighbour. 

Praying God's comfort and peace into a broken heart shows love and concern for a brother, sister or partner. It also shows how much you trust in God that He can heal a broken heart, mend the grieving spirit and help his people move past their pains. 

Remember to pray for the broken hearted, not just at the time of loss or pains, but for days and months afterwards and whenever God brings her to mind. Pain and grief knows no time limits. God is always needed.

©Ifechuwku Alex