Going by its literal meaning, it is basically the provision of equal opportunities for people, fairness and equal rights. But lately, this term has been exploited particularly by female apologists who are first to cry foul at the slightest 'persecution' and has led to its misconception. We tend to feign ignorance of its neutral nature and the fact that both sexes have had their fair share of discrimination. Women are often stereotyped as the victims of all Gender equality cries but this is a far cry from reality. This is not to say discrimination against women is non-existent, but that some of these instances are products of public mis-information and exaggerations, programmed to fan a perpetual wave of insurrection against men. Stay glued as I walk you through its implications and what it entails in this discourse.

While 90% of women in the work force are assigned to cushy positions, overseeing business affairs and doling out simple commands, the residual 10% daring to face life's harsh realities are celebrated for the unusual display of heroism and intrepidity. Whereby in contrast, our lads are often assigned to stressful, 'tiki taka', dicey and life-threatning jobs. Although technically, Men are inarguably endowed with superior physical abilities, seeing this as a form of justification is hypocrisy in its vilest form and spells insincerity in the equality plea. There also have been fresh calls for equal status in the marital sphere but ironically, a significant amount of women do not hesitate to hoist the flag of disapproval when the subject of financial fair play is brought to the table. Equality amounts to equal responsibilities.

There are tons if not gazillions of other ways the society equally discriminates against men. The argument-which has always been a bone of contention between the feminists and "Misogynists"- that women are on the receiving end of all gender related prejudice is gradually being put to bed with facts and factualities and is evolving into a cliché. A more practical, rational and logical clarion call is for equity; giving each individual what is needed to be successful.

Equality does not always result in fairness. An exemplar of this by SGBA e-learning resource is that of runners in an oval track. Equality ensures they all take-off at the same point. On the surface, that seems fair but on a closer look, the runners on the inside lane have a distinct advantage over those in the outer lane thereby calling the concept of equality into question. Equity comes to play here by staggering the starting positions of the runners in order to offset the disadvantages faced by those in the outer lanes. In this case, tailored treatment is a surer path to fairness and justice than equal treatment. Although, this is not gender related illustration, it still goes a long way in distinguishing equality from equity.

Just as it is imperative that we should be objective while dealing with critical issues, it is equally important we leave no stone unturned in our quest for justice. Allowing our personal sentiments to override our rational thinking would inevitably set us on an endless journey in a circle. Equality will not give everybody the justice deserved by presenting each individual with equal opportunities but equity surely will guarantee that everyone is supplied with the fitting boots needed to climb the ladder of success as we all differ from one another.