Nine weird facts about Williams Shakespeare you should know. 

If you don’t know who Williams Shakespeare is, then what point is it reading this article? 

But in an act not to be too mean let me dig a little rift about the  who and what of Shakespeare.

You don’t need more than this. Shakespeare was one of the greatest play writer, actor and play editor back in the 16th to 17th century, and if it were in the 21th century he would have been the greatest movie director. –I am just guessing- He also did write poems and soonest. He is popularly known as the father of English literature as he helped shaped the use or modern English.  

Let’s get over to those weird facts. 

FACT1: He had sex out of wedlock as a teenager. Let me prove this before you spear me with a knife and you begin to scream “What the hell do you mean.” 

Was he a flirt? I can’t say. So he sleeps around with women? I don’t know. I thought men of those days had their moral compass sharpened, how come this? I said teen not man. 

Shakespeare at the age of 18 got married to Anne, and six month later Anne had a baby girl. Are you thinking what I am thinking? It’s supposed to be Nine months, maybe eight. Yeah! This means they had sex before the wedding night; solidifying the reason why the wedding was done in a rush. 

FACT2: Anne, Williams’ wife was eight years older than him. He married her at eighteen and then she was just twenty six. I am saying no more about these fact. Let's move on.

FACT3: Williams ended up with no direct line successor. He was initially survived by his wife and his two daughters, Susanna and Judith. 

Susanna had one daughter, Elizabeth who married twice but died without a child, while Judith had three children who died suddenly without marring, and this ended William’s direct line. 

FACT 4: Williams lived large during his years. He bought the second largest house in Stratford. 

FACT 5: Williams was an entrepreneur. He purchased lease of a real estate near Stratford in 1597 at 440 pounds, which doubled in value and earned him 60 pounds a year; and in 1605 he invested in share of the parish tithes in Stratford. 

FACT6: He was said to be always away from home, doing no other thing except work! He stayed in a house, four days horse ride to London and he only came home during the 40 days Lenten period when the theater doors are closed. 

 FACT 7: Only 38 of William’s plays survived, but 36 of the 38 plays were in print. He also did 154 sonnets and two long poems. 

FACT 8: He was widely regarded as the greatest writer in English language and the world pre-eminent dramatist. He was often called England’s national poet, and bard of Avon.

FACT 9: He helped sharpened the use of Modern English and he was the most quoted author in the first serious creation of an English dictionary by Samuel Johnson. A.S Hornby even quoted him to be the most mentioned author except from the authors of the bible.  

©Godwin Okhuoya