Everyone wants to be respected in the workplace and irrespective of if they are the youngest or not, they would want their views to be welcomed and not placed aside.

Here are eight ways to ensure that you are always respected in the workplace.

1) Never make promises you can’t keep

Never assure anyone you would do a task if you are not sure you can do it. If you cannot be trusted to consistently keep your promises, that is one of the surest ways to lose respect.

2) Be hardworking

When many people see that you don’t ave time to indulge in frivolities around the office, and you would rather be found doing a job or another, you would definitely earn their respect. Always try to do better.

3) Be honest

Avoid being vague just to let go of a confrontation. Make your opinions known clearly and present your case in a constructive manner.

4) Never try to prove you are perfect

No one is perfect. That is well known. Always admit to your mistakes if and when you make any irrespective of your position in the office. Not being proud would definitely earn you respect from other workers.

5) Be kind

If you are pushy in nature, or you bully others through your words and actions, you are likely not going to be respected. Showing kindness to everyone including the lowly staff would definitely earn you respect.

6) Be a good listener

It is very irritating when it is obvious that your mind is elsewhere when someone is trying to talk to you. Listening to others is a sign of respect, and respect is reciprocal.

7) Have a positive attitude

You would be respected at your workplace if you show you are not only hardworking, but also equal to the task whenever there is a new challenge.

8) Learn to appreciate others

When you give credit to others when it is due instead of taking up all the glory, then you are likely going to be respected at your workplace.