Are you broke and would need financial assistance from a friend, family or organisation?

Do you need a material urgently and you have someone that can borrow you?

There are some rules to follow to prevent you from getting embarrassed in the process or after borrowing.

Check some of them out.

1) Be grateful when you get it.

Try to show appreciation whenever you get a loan. Never make the person who borrowed you regret it.

2) Never give a date you know would be impossible to pay it back.

While borrowing anything, be sincere on the time you think you would be able to return it so that your name would not be dragged into the mud.

Note that it would be better for you to ask for a loan with plenty of notice so that you would be able to meet up on time.

3) Don't let the borrower second guess when you would return what you borrowed.

As discussed in the first point, state the time you would return the money or material. 

When you do this, you save the other person from getting angry with you or from the thoughts that you don't have the intention of returning it again.

4) Make a replacement if whatever you borrow gets damaged or spoilt.

You are responsible for a material after you borrow it, and it would be gross irresponsibility on your part if damages in your hand, and you refuse to replace it.

5) Avoid borrowing brand new items.

Although it might sound funny, it would not really be ideal for you to borrow a brand new material.

Give the owner the privilege to use and enjoy it first. 

6) Avoid borrowing irreplaceable treasures.

Unless if you are desperately in need of them, it would not be a good idea for you to borrow materials that if spoilt would be difficult to replace.

7) Don't feel bad if your plea for a loan is rejected.

Even if the owner's needs are not as urgent as yours, since the money belongs strictly to the person you intend to borrow it from, he or she has the right to give it to you or to turn you down.

8) Avoid borrowing from your friends.

One of the things that has ruined some friendships is the process of mixing business with pleasure.

In line with that, the act of borrowing capital from a friend to start a business has jeopardized many friendships, so it would be better for to to pick a borrowing institute.