There is nothing like going away far from home and exploring things on your own. For most students who have been caged at home by their parents when they were in secondary school, the university provides the opportunity to flex without much disturbance from their


The students get to make their own mistakes without anyone to closely monitor them, and while some have the opportunity of amending their ways, others don’t and would end up making mistakes that could destroy their GPA at the end of the day.

Here are some of them.

1. Not having proper guidance

In the university, sometimes, it is not good enough for students to just go for classes and read. They need to ask the right questions about each lecturer, and one of such question is the way the lecturer grades his exams and other important questions about his department/faculty.

2. Lack of proper planning

A lot of people fail to plan which would later lead them to fail at the end of the day. Note that the university is full of different “interestimg things” that although are fun, can waste ones time. Some students would fall victim of this, thinking that they would have the time to repent at leisure, but unfortunately, many would find it too difficult to cope at the end of the day.

3. Trying to catch up when it is almost too late

For some students in the university, it is when the exam is already at hand that they remember that they have notes to copy and read. This would lead them to start doing the right thing at the wrong time which could land them in the hospital, and then most times, some fail and then others don’t perform up to expectation.

4. Going to read with friends

While going out to read with friends is really no big deal, sometimes it is not a good idea because while some friends help to inspire one to read, others can be a huge distraction. Following the ones that can be a huge distraction would definitely make you waste your time.

5. Making bad friends

Some students who have no bearing would go to the university and even when they see friends that are not good for them would try to compromise. This is an action that could lead them to destruction.

6. Not willing to listen and learn

There are some freshers who when doing the wrong thing, would have the opportunity to have someone in the other classes to advice them, but their lackadaisical attitude would get in the way and they would misbehave which would make them lose out on a lot of things they are supposed to learn.

7. Procastination

It is always very easy to postpone studying, tutorials and other activities that  make a student bag a first class.

Unfortunately, time flies and waits for no man. By the time the students are ready to read and dedicate their time to studying, it might be too late for them.