Waking up every morning in the consciousness that you have lost a part to the whole of your happiness, that you have lost your relationship can be quite devastating. The pains and regret you feel are real as they are raw. And there is no greater woe than that which comes from being loved and left. Regardless of who ended the relationship, breakup puts you through trauma and has repercussions on you emotionally.  

Below are a few tips that might help you pull through. 

1. Acceptance

Come to terms with what has happened. Face reality no matter how ugly it may look. Accept the fact that nothing lasts forever and that Humans are bound to change at any given time.   

2. Do Not Suppress Your Emotions

Getting over someone is a process which takes time and cannot be rushed. Do not be unkind to yourself by trying to create a perception of being a perpetual unfeeling robot. It would not help matters. Let your emotions overwhelm you. Loose yourself in it. It is all part of the process of healing. 

3. Social Media Purge 

Do your best to unfriend and block your ex. It is even advisable to unfriend and block their friends too. Seeing their lives online without you will only worsen your pain.  

4. Phonebook And Gallery Cleansing 

Delete your ex' number/numbers and previous text messages as well. Discard photos and videos taken and made together too. Keeping these things can be a constant painful reminder of your splitting up.

5. Open Up And Spill

Open up to trustworthy friends about the way you feel. Pour out your hurt to them. Quite true they cannot take up your armour and battle your hurt but they sure can give you strategies to overcome it. You may take it to your social media accounts if it will give you a release and make you feel better. Privacy is not always an option in dealing with hurt. 

6. Douse Thoughts Of Staying Friends Immediately

You have split up. Do not nurse the intention of staying friends immediately with your ex. It is advisable to adapt to a life without your ex first before thinking of being friends. 

7. Resist Rebound Relationships

Comfort is one of the main drugs in the process of healing. But make sure you do not go out of your way to get involved with someone too soon for the sole purpose of seeking comfort. You will only be complicating an already difficult situation. Heal first, only then can you tell if you really care for a new partner or are looking for a comfort drug with which to get over your ex. 

 Apply these and be kind to yourself. You Will Be Good.

© Ozioma Johnson