A lot of people would prefer relating with nice people rather than the nasty ones who don’t regard the feelings of others, but even at that, being too nice to a fault has a lot of disadvantages.

Check seven of them out.

1) People would not take you seriously

If you very nice, then a lot of people would not take your principles or standards seriously. They would keep breaking them since they know you are very pleasant.

2) People would rarely try to please you

Since you accept things just the way they are without trying to make others feel bad, it is possible that a lot of people would take advantage of your nature and not do the things that would please you.

3) You would keep apologizing to people even when its not your fault

I have seen a lot of nice people say sorry all for the sake of peace. While this is good, in a way, you are also setting yourself for being taken advantage of. 

4) You might attract a lot of people who would use you

 Leeches love nice people, because after using them, they let all offences go. 

5) You might treat others better than yourself

Most nice people devote their lives to caring for others and charming many people with their personalities.

Note that while it is better to treat others well, you should come first in your life because others are likely not going to make you number one in theirs.

6) It would be easy for people to take advantage of you

Most of those who get enotionally traumatized and affected by the actions of others are mostly those who are very nice. They are easy targets to devourers who are seeking for victims to take advantage of.

7) You might end up as a bitter person

If you have been nice enough to help a lot of people, you might need them one day, and would be angry when no one is there for you.

This could make you full of regrets at the end of the day.