After a supposedly nice first encounter with the opposite sex, you feel you have impressed him enough to get a call and probably a date from him, but despite waiting for a while, he does not get back to you.

I am sure you have been in that position sometime in your life. Here are possible reasons why you did not hear from him again.

1) You came out as desperate

There are some ladies whom after meeting an attractive guy would lower their standards and try everything they can to make him develop an interest in them. 

At the end of the day, they might think they have pleased him, but all they were able to achieve was to push him away.

2) He got someone else

Don’t feel too bad, but one of the reasons why you did not get a chance with the guy you thought you impressed could be because you lost the race to another party.

3) He is scared of shooting his shot

There are some guys that are so shy to the extent that after even meeting a lady they think is perfect for them would still find it difficult to call them. Although such is rare, but it is also possibility.

4) He thinks you would be difficult to maintain

Some guys really don’t like being in a relationship with high class ladies especially if they cannot afford her. It is definitely a big turn-off for some guys after a first meeting.

5) He might not be available

Some men who are already commited or married to another lady can be very friendly. While you are busy chatting and having fun, you might start to think he is into you when that might not be the case.

6) He did not feel needed

No matter how macho and strong a guy looks, and despite the fact that men are not considered as being emotional, they love knowing that they are needed to fill a void.

So if you come off as being too independent, they might not deem it right to get in contact with you.