Have you seen scenarios where ladies are manhandled and critically lambasted by some guys due to a reason or the other? 

If your answer is no, a close scrutiny at some cases on the internet would convince you that indeed, we have had many cases of men disrespecting ladies.

Here are some reasons why.

1. Some ladies are 100% dependent

I have only seen a few cases where ladies that depend on guys for their survival live a happy and stress free life.

For most of them, they would get insulted before and after they request for things from guys.

2. They are very emotional

While some guys find ladies that are emotional  attractive, others don't.

This category of guys would not appreciate ladies that are clingy and nag a lot. The end product of this is disrespect.

3. Some ladies are very cheap

There are some guys that  believe that all ladies are prostitutes based on their past experiences.

This set of guys would rarely respect ladies.

4. Africa operates a patriarchal system

It believed that men and women can't have the same rights and opportunities and some men purposefully take this to the extreme.

5. Their mother abandoned/maltreated them

The reason some guys disrespect ladies can be traced to the lackadaisical attitude of their own mother towards them while they were growing up.

6. They have been betrayed

Many guys carry out their aggression on ladies in general because they have been betrayed previously.

There are many scenarios of ladies leaving them during their trying period, and then trying to pursue the guys that are already established.