One of the easiest places to to contact germs is the restroom. If kept untidy, one can easily get infected and it would discourage others from going there.

The reverse would be the case if it is kept tidy.

Here are some important etiquettes you need to observe while using the restroom.

1. Ensure the room is empty before you enter

It is not proper for you to just push open a stall door because someone else could be in there who forgot to lock it.

When this happens, it could become very embarrassing.

Knock first before you open a door.

2. Ensure you lock the door after you enter

When you lock the door, it would prevent people from opening it, and thus, prevent you from a lot of embarrassment. 

3. Get enough water to flush

Flush the toilet properly. It is unhygienic to sit on a toilet that is not neat.

Clean up after yourself. Never leave your mess for others to deal with.

4. Replace any supply you make use of

Make sure you replace any toilet necessity that you take. This includes the tissue paper, paper towels and soaps.

5. Don't dilly-dally

There could be a situation whereby some people would be on the queue outside, waiting for you.

Don't keep them waiting. Do your business as fast as you can and leave.

6. Keep any embarrassing detail to yourself

If you have an embarrassing episode with a colleague or someone else in the toilet, avoid talking about it to others because it is embarrassing.

7. Ensure you wash your hands after usage

Ensure you wash your hands after performing your business as you would prevent germs from spreading that way.