1.  Be Determined

Determination is a skill that can be learned. Start by figuring out what you want. Then, create healthy habits that increase your chances of reaching your goals. Stick with your determination over the long run, by using strategies to overcome obstacles and keep your motivation strong.

2. Be Disciplined

Make commitments if you really want to achieve your goal in life. To be disciplined, you're required to stay focused, prioritize tasks, eat good food, and get sufficient rest. These will surely be of help to maintain brain balance after everything, to reward yourself.

3. Focus 

When a work is given, you can assign yourself time for the work to be executed. For example, you are instructed to carry out a research on a particular field, you can task yourself by assigning 30 minutes to achieve the result of the research. In addition, take  breaks, and focus your brain. Meditation does help to stay focused. Also,  inculcate a habit of regular exercise.

4. Honest 

       Being honest simply means choosing not to lie, cheat, steal or to be in any way, even though, it seems very difficult. It is the ability to accept guilt and consequence, and decide to face them. Figure out why you lie and who you lie to. Anticipate  behaviours that  will make you feel guilty. Do things that make you feel proud, and avoid situations that will make you lie for others.

Create a clear intent by sticking to your words, and backing them up by saying, “I’m just being honest,” or “ I’m telling you as a friend." 

Most of all, don’t compare yourself with others.

©Tilewa Adeyemi