It is not easy to discern fake prophets, and sometimes differentiating between the true and false ones is not an easy task.

This is as a result of the controversies some "true" ones are facing and also because the false ones possess some attributes that make them look and seem real.

This article presents 5 ways one can discover fake prophets. Note that they are points from people who have fallen victim of them.

Check them out.

1) They don't do things that are scriptural.

Ever heard of a prophet asking people to do weird thing like to go offer sacrifices at night or one who keeps taxing and taxing members?

Well, they exist. This category of prophets would keep extorting everything they can from their victims till they become broke.

2) They are money conscious.

Ever heard of prophets who refuse to pray for members till they pay for anointing?

There are even some who blesses members according to the amount they bring.

There is definitely nothing real about them.

3) There is no change in their members.

Ever been to a church where the same members keep coming out all the time for blessings? When they do, the prophet would prophesy that they have been made whole, but their lives would not change and they would keep coming out all the time?

 4) They have a lot of vices.

Even though no one is perfect, there are some vices that should not be found with true men of God.

They include rape, lie, theft, murder and even marry more than a wife.

Run away from such prophets.

5) They preach what the members want to hear.

Rather than say the truth, some prophets prefer to say what would be pleasing to the ears of their members. 

This category is not a spokesman of God. Flee from such.