Unlike in the western world where a woman only gets married to a man, here in Nigeria, in most cases, a woman gets married to him and his family.

While some are lucky to get wonderful mother-in-laws, others are not so lucky as they end up with terrible ones.

This is the reason why some people pray right before they meet their Mr Right for their mother-in-laws to die, not because they don't like the idea of having one, but because they are scared of having issues them.

If you are about to fall in the category of wicked mother-in-law, here are some tips to help you cope.

1) Make sure you don't marry a mummy's boy.

You would enjoy your marriage better if your husband would not be the type that would listen and take heed to his mother's every word.

2) Try to befriend her.

I know how difficult it is to try to befriend a "terrible" person, but for the sake of peace, do it.

It might mean you trying to displease yourself in the process, but just go ahead.

Who knows, you might actually win her heart with your kindness one day.

3) Avoid her.

It might be better for you to avoid your mother-in-law if she still does not get pleased after you try your best to please her.

That way, you would be able to avoid trouble.

4) Be blameless if you have any issue.

Try to study her and know what to do to avoid any issue with her.

Act and behave in such a way that if there is any issue, no finger would be pointed at you for being at fault.

5) Don't make her feel jealous of her son.

Never make her feel that you are trying to take her son away from her. 

Make her feel welcomed and at home anytime she visits.

You stand so much more to gain with your mother-in-law as your friend, rather than your enemy.