Though very young, some people are thought of to be very old because of some of the features you can see in them.

If you want to look “forever young” then you need to try to avoid all these. Check them out.

1) The wrong make-up

Makeup is am aesthetics that can be applied to make you look younger or older than your age.

When you apply it wrongly, it is likely the application won’t work in your favour and would thus make you look more mature than you are.

2) Clothes 

Putting on clothes that are not smart or being underdressed or overdressed might disguise your real age. Learn the proper way to dress so as to avoid that.

3) Having an unkept hair

Keeping your hair overdue is one of the things that can make you look older than your age. Keep a neat hair to look good.

4) Worrying too much

One of the ways to look older than your age is to worry so much to the extent that it is written all over you. When your face is wrinkled, your hair grey and your shoulders hunched, as if it is carrying all the problems in the world, then you would look older than your age.

5) Not feeding well

The saying, “you are what you eat” is really applicable in this context because at the end of the day, your body would be a reflection of the kind of food that you eat.