Show me someone who claims to have never been betrayed, and I would show you someone who is in solitude and has never had a friend.

There is almost no way you would be close to people and they won't violate your confidence one day.

The aftermath of a betrayal comes with some changes. Here are some changes that need to be avoided.

1. Trying to please others

Pleasing others when you can't really afford to is really a big deal.

After a betrayal, focus on doing things that would make you happy. Stop going out of your way to please people that are not faithful.

Be your number one priority. Avoid compromising for people that are not worth it.

2. Fearing change

An African adage says that, "The insect that eats the vegetable lives inside it"

To suit this context, one can say that the person that would betray someone would be very close to the person.

An example is the biblical allusion of the case of Judas Iscariot.

Once this happens, even though you would be expected to forgive and let it go, you would need to change some aspects in your friendship.

Don't make the mistake of coming together like or even stronger than before, lest the betrayal repeats itself.

3. Living in the past

It is very painful when you get betrayed. 

But then, putting your life on hold and thinking too much about the past probably with the believe that that things are the way they were in the future is not the right thing to do.

You need to learn how to let go and move on. There is no hope again for what happened in the past. Focus on your future.

4. Putting yourself down

Even if you are to be blamed in some aspects,  belittling yourself is not going to put food on your table.

Have a high self esteem.

5. Over thinking 

Starting to think too much or analyse what happened is not going to change the past. 

Guide your thoughts.