Every marriage has its ups and downs which is the reason why on the wedding day, one of the vows couples make is to stay in sickness and in health, and for better or worse till death.

I once heard a lady say since there would be ups and downs in every marriage, when there are issues, it would be better to cry in a limousine rather than an "okada" 

Unfortunately, not every man can even afford to get an "okada" not to talk of a limousine.

Note that some of these poor men are very good looking, caring, hardworking, dedicated, God fearing, and might have been perfect if not for their financial status.

If you fall in love with one, before you consider marriage to him, here are five things you need yo note.

1. Never settle for less

Your spouse is expected to be your number one fan, your confidant, lover, best friend and other terms which signifies closeness that you can think of.

If you know he can't be all these to you because of his level of finances, it would be better to let him go.

2. Don't give up on a man with vision

Think ahead. The fact that a man is broke today does not mean he would be like that forever.

Note that a rich man without vision today might end up poor tomorrow.

Think things through.

3. He might forget you

Not everyone follows the principle of, "Don't ever forget someone who was there while you were struggling"

Depending on how responsible and reliable he is, he might still leave or despise you when he makes it.

4. Respect is paramount 

Even if he cannot afford to foot the bill, and you are the one taking charge, note that he would be the head of the family and he should have the final say.

5. Set boundaries

It would be wrong to allow your family members meddle with your relationship.

If you allow them ridicule and belittle him when he is broke, he might despise you when he makes it.

Getting married to a poor guy is not that bad just know what you are getting into and feel okay with it before you enter.