Being in love is a very wonderful experience.

Unfortunately, sometimes, it is not permanent as due to a reason or the other, your boyfriend might make it known that he is no more in love with you and wants out of the relationship.

When this happens, you can try your best to win him back if you are still in love with him, but in the process of doing that, there are some things you should not try. Check them out.

1) Crying

No matter how hurt you feel, crying cannot resurrect the feelings he once had for you.

 Sometimes, crying could even make you look desperate, and you are likely not going to win him back with that. 

Note that you could cry in your closet if it would make you feel better, but doing that in his presence is not a good idea.

2) Sharing it on the social media

Any issue you have in your relationship should be kept private. Learn to keep your private affairs off the social media as doing that would make you the topic of discussion between your friends. Learn to be discreet.

3) Pleading

Never beg for someone to love you. See yourself as an asset, not a liability. You need to learn to move on if it is obvious that his feelings have died. Begging for him to love you again is also an act of desperation you need to avoid. 

Be assured that if you beg him at this level, you would have to keep begging him for everything. Anything you get by begging would need to be maintained by begging.

4) Wanting to pay him back

I am sure you would have sacrificed a lot in the relationship, especially if you have been in it for many years, but then trying to pay him back for breaking your heart is wrong, and two wrongs can never make a right.

5) Attempt suicide

You would only live one. Making an attempt to kill yourself would not prevent your ex from getting married later to someone else. The only thing you would achieve through suicide is to waste your life because of someone who does not really care.

Never make those that really care about you mourn you because of someone who is not worth it. Choose life!