Money experts have advised that in order to live a comfortable life after retirement, one should not only have savings, but should also invest in different things so that when they are too old to work, their investments would be working for them.

Even at that, a lot of people have still refused to invest. Here are some reasons why.

1. They are scared of losing their hard earned money

I am sure you have heard of cases where some investments did not work, and those that invested in them had themselves to blame.

This is especially for those that invested in ponzi schemes and other fraudulent schemes.

2) They are waiting for the right time to invest

The reason some people have not invested is because they are studying the market value of different products and are waiting for the right time for them to invest.

3) They want to live in the moment

Many people believe in enjoying themselves presently as if there would be no tomorrow as they believe that when tomorrow comes, it would take care of itself.

4) They don't have enough

Many people can barely afford to feed themselves, and thus cannot afford to spare the money for investing.

5) Some believe there is no need since they have a secure future

There are lots of wealthy people with the thoughts that they would have money forever without having a plan B.

Note that it is the people in this category that would go broke immediately their source of livelihood has been affected.