5 facts about your ego, that is moving you far away from your success. 

     Inflated egos can lead to the fall of the best of best. That's why they say, "pride goes before a fall." Do you know that letting go of ego, and embracing humility, can actually affect your prospects for success in a good way?

       These are 5 things, one should know about one's ego:

1. Your ego makes you proscrastinate: Procrastination is the grave in which opportunities are buried. You put off doing tasks, because your ego tells you you can do them in a jiffy. It makes you devalue the amount of time and effort you need to put in a task. 

2. It doesn't let you improve: Having confidence is very good, but egotism isn't.  Your ego can convince you that you are perfect just as you are, and makes you find no need to improve. While everyone is unique, and indeed perfect in their own way, do not forget that there's always room for improvement. A little bit of improvement never hurts, and is always needed. 

3. It makes you think success will come easily: Your ego makes you underestimate how easy it is to do things, and overrate your own abilities. Success can be hard to come by, even with the right amount of talent, skills and hardwork. Ego makes you think things will fall into your laps without much effort. It could be dangerous to think that way. 

4. Your ego makes you think you're better than everyone else: We all know that everyone needs help from others, and a little humility is always welcome. The more humble we are, the more people help us. 

5. It makes you afraid of falling: Someone who has nothing to lose, is afraid of nothing. But, as soon as one's ego comes into picture, the fear of failing oneself and others, start creeping in. 

      You have been given the resources you have for a reason. Not everyone has them. But often, our ego makes us forget how blessed we are. SAY NO TO EGO. 

   Adedeji Michael.