While some people believe that putting their relationship out there for people to see and admire is a great thing, this is not always best in most cases.

Here are four reasons you  should try to avoid it especially if you are very popular.

- People can misread whatever you write.

When you have put your relationship out in the public, you would need to be careful about what you write since people would be keeping up with what is going on in your relationship.

If you are very popular, a lot of articles would be written about most comments you make, and there would be lots of speculations as well.

- You would not want to disappoint your internet in-laws

You might have to keep patching and patching up issues in your relationship in order not to disappoint your fans.

Sometimes, you might have to lie to keep up and all of these can definitely backfire.

- You would wash your dirty linen in public.

If at the end of the day the relationship does not work out, a lot of your fans would be eager to know what happened.

Telling them the problem might mean you would have to open up on some (dirty) secrets.

- It is really no one's business

 Two is company and three is a crowd. Learn to mind your business and keep people out of yours.