4 interesting facts about kola nut you didn't know. 

           Don't you think that before anything, we should know what kola nut is? Kolanut is a flavouring ingredient, and it's one of the sources of caffeine in cola and other similarly flavoured beverages. Kolanut belongs to the family of Sterculiaceae and was introduced to Jamaica from Africa. Kola nut is originally from the continent of Africa. 

      I bring to you 4 facts about kola nut:

1. It aids in digestion: For thousands of years, kola nut has been chewed and consumed by individuals of indigenous cultures in Africa, both during ceremonies and in the treatment of digestive upset. The active ingredients of kola nut help to improve digestion and nutrient uptake.  Kolanut also reduces bloating, cramping, constipation and gastrointestinal issues. 

2. It is a good ingredient in drink production : Drink-producing industries, use kola nut extracts for producing drinks like energy drinks, because of the high flavour and caffeine content of the nuts. 

3. Poison neutralizer: You are lucky. This fact is beneficial. Kola nut is a good antidote for poison.  Researchers agree that kola nut contains compounds that are capable of neutralizing poisons. 

4. Helps in weight loss: The caffeine content  of kola nut powder and other kolanut products, curbs appetite and helps in digestion, thus leading to weight loss. 

     Kola nut also helps in migraine treatment. Kola nut is mostly used in traditional ceremonies. If you haven't eaten it before, you could try attending a ceremony this weekend. 

Adedeji Michael.