Even though soft drinks are non alcoholic drinks, it does not make their impact on the body unhamful. 

Rather, it causes a lot of harm to the body.

Here is a close scrutiny of reasons that should make you avoid them.

1) You are liable to gain weight when you take too much

You have gained a whole lot of weight and you have tried reducing it but all you have tried is not working? Well, the reason could be because you take soft drinks. 

One of the reasons for this is that they contain a lot of sugar which leads to weight gain.

2) You are at risk of getting diabetes

It has already been established that soft drinks have a lot of sugar and too much of it could lead to diabetes, (a disease which takes place when one has a high blood sugar as a result of the inability to produce sufficient quantities of insulin.

3) The bottles are not good for your health

The plastic bottles are very damaging for the health as they contain a toxic chemical (bisphenol A) which you can get when you drink from the bottle.

4) Soft drinks don’t contain the essential nutrients that would be useful for your body. Note that you can get the nutrients from healthy beverages, and not from soft drinks.

In line with that, when you take them, you won’t get the adequate nutrients that is essential for the body.