This article made me remember a nursery rhyme on pawpaw. Back then, you would hear,

"Pawpaw is a kind of fruit, sweet like sugar, yellow like fanta, everybody like pawpaw, pawpaw!"

 Pawpaw is a good source of vitamin C. It is also called papaya. 

    I'll deliver 3 amazing facts about pawpaw. Here comes. 

1. Pawpaw prevents heart attacks and strokes: Beautiful! Introduce this to those suffering heart attacks and strokes. The antioxidant in pawpaw prevents the oxidation of cholesterol. When cholesterol becomes oxidized, it forms plaque in the walls of the blood vessels, that can eventually build up and cause a heart attack or stroke.

2. Pawpaw prevents premature aging: One of the benefits of pawpaw is to control aging. It helps the body to properly digest food. When the body digests all the nutrients it needs, the body remains vital for a long time. Eat pawpaw, so you don't wax old. 

3. Pawpaw boosts male virility : Another great benefit of pawpaw, is to boost male virility. Pawpaw contains an amino acid called Arginine, which is known to boost blood flow around the male genitalia. Hmm... The guys are happy. Take more of pawpaw and thank me later. 

 4.  Pawpaw is also a great source of proteolytic enzymes, that are very important in digesting food. To prevent digestive disorders, eat pawpaw. 

Adedeji Michael.