You find yourself encouraging, and nurturing friends and family, but when it comes to doing likewise to yourself,  you feel uncomfortable. It could be as a result of fear or what you feel people might say. Don't be intimidated. The best is at your disposal. 

Digest these 3 points to bring out the best in yourself and also inspire those around you. 

1. Give yourself the permission to succeed. 

       Everyone at one point in his life or another,  has faced the challenge of fear. Many have been paralyzed by it. You've found yourself asking doubtful and negative questions like, 'Can I make it?' 'Am I fit to do this?'  Why don't you imbibe the attitude of confessing positivity instead? What you confess, is what you possess. Be strong, and take positive steps towards your goals. 

2. Seek honest coaching. 

       This aspect is sometimes delicate because, you have to choose someone, not because you like them but because, you would benefit a lot from them. Behind the most successful athletes, are usually very gifted coaches. It is important to have at least one person you respect, and to whom you can turn for motivation. Embrace suggestions that will take you to the top of your game and refuse any deconstructive criticism. 

3. Don't put God aside. 

       True success  comes from God. A man can be successful, but not fulfilled, if God is not in place. Fulfilment is when you are satisfied in your area of specialization. Lean on God, and he will give you the needed understanding to bring out the best in yourself. 

     There's something deposited in you to showcase to the world. Study yourself and release that potential.  

 © Adedeji Michael.