Are you wondering why you have not gotten your dream job despite applying various times?

Note that your ability to secure a job starts with the way you write and arrange your CV.

A winning CV must be able to answer three important questions. 

Check them out.

1. Who are you and where are you coming from?

This is where you give a detailed personal information about yourself and your alma mata.

2. What you have to offer?

If you follow the way the system runs, you would discover that if only twenty candidates are needed, over two hundred people would apply.

3. Can you be a solution provider?

When there are many CVs on ground, only the ones that are impressive would be considered.

Note that they are questions to test how intelligent and capable you are. If you pass it and you are very impressible, then you would be good to go to the next level.

When these three questions have been answered reasonably and impressively, then you are likely to be moved to the next level.

They include the aptitude test, telephone test and the face to face interview.

Here are some things you need to consider while writing your CV. Some of them are:

- Never use junk email address. This includes using names that are not professional. Examples are funny names like funny4love and

- Make sure your location is close to the company. Most employ people closer to the job first.

- They look out for professional certification, not just educational qualification.

You need to be experienced. It would definitely give you an edge over others.