10 surprising facts you need to know.

There are lots of surprising facts we need to know, but I sourced the interesting ones, I am sure you will find useful. You can thank me later. 

1.Do you know, for every 100 girls born in the world, 106 boys are born?( wow)

2. Do you know bats always turn left when existing a cave? And there leg bones are so thin, making it impossible for them to walk.

3. Do you know Germans used to believe that kissing a donkey could stop toothache? (Should we start kissing donkeys? Lolss).

4. Do you know that some fishes can actually swim backward? Some fish can live up to 50years? And a blue whale weighs as much as 1900 men( this is serious oo).


Okay let move on,

5. Do you know pain is measured in unit of 'dols' . the instrument used to measure pain is a ' dolorimeter'

6. Do you know frogs never stop growing? The older they get, the bigger they become .

7. Do you know the flat area above your nose and between your eyebrows is called Glabella? I bet you don't know it.

8. I can bet with my birth right that you don't know the longest word in English language.....

Well the word is... Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.          ( Lolss.)

It is an illness caused by dust from a volcano.

9. Do you know in a normal life, a person's heart beats 2000 000 000 times? 

10. Do you know, the little triangle of cartilage that you can use to block your ear if you push it, is called Tragus. (Well now you know)

Thanks for reading!

©Rebecca Akomolafe